Ecoscript 53

Regine Kollek. The 'Contained' Use of Genetically Modified Micro-Organisms:

With regard to the degree of calculability and controllability
of risks stemming from the use of genetically engineered
micro-organisms in industrial production processes, a number
of deficits in the assessment and containment of the risks
posed by the organism used are apparent. One category of defi-
cit can be reduced or eliminated through further research.
This includes for example the methodological and technical de-
ficits in developing and improving techniques for determining
and continually monitoring contamination in work areas. Beyond
this category, however, there are certain fields of knowledge,
in particular with respect to the dynamics of ecological and
evolutionary processes, which are indispensable in assessing
the long-term risks of genetic engineering. But well-founded
theoretical and practical work in precisely these fields is
(at least at present) hardly possible, due to their complexity
and uncertainties.


Introduction 7
The characteristics of genetic alterations using genetic
engineering techniques 9
The context-bound nature of genetic information 10
The predictability of possible consequences 12
Is it possible to work safely with organisms which have
been altered by means of genetic engineering? 14
Conclusions 15
Notes 15