Ecoscript 40

This publication is a political manifest by which the author
indicates the risks for our contemporary society resulting
from the power exercised by the application of genetic engin-

Together with other new technologies, genetic engineering is
adding a new historical dimension to the Third Industrial Rev-
olution. The abusive employment of new technologies has resul-
ted in changes within society disturbing and destroying the
social peace. "Social solutions" are substituted by "genetic
solutions" and a reduction of democracy is being accepted by
the public without really knowing the risks.

The author indicates a political dimension in which the autho-
rities are political impotent and fail to face the technocra-
tic elements in genetic engineering. In this publication the
necessity of an alternative technology policy is advocated.
This policy tells us that it is urgent to inform the public,
so that they can form their own opinion and become aware of
the risks of the present situation caused by the application
of gene technology.

Introduction 7
The Third Industrial Revolution 8
Political Dynamite 9
The Failure of politics 11
The necessity of an Alternative Technology Policy 12
Concluding Remarks 14
Literature 16