Ecoscript 38

Harold H. Lee. Environment-Driven Biotechnologies

Scientifically and technologically, from the invention of a
technology at the laboratory level to the establishment at
firm level, to the trading and utilization of the products by
the consumers, biotechnology can be viewed as a multifaceted
interactive process. The entire processes include monetary,
labor, training and politics, as well as the environment and
its regulation. Of major concern should be the environment and
its conservation/preservation, which is the cradle of biodiv-
ersity. Therefore, in terms of sustainable development, the
environment should be the primary factor from the onset con-
cerning location or relocation of a biotechnology production
plant. Relocation of a biotechnology production plant to a
less regulatory environment (in Third World Countries, TWC),
while retaining its multinational nature, may not necessarily
be beneficial to the conservation of regional as well as
global environment. Unless planning of such movement, as well
as implementation of biotechnology, is well thought out,
socioeconomic repercussions (Lee, 1990) and environmental
degradation may arise, even with limited or no economic devel-


Introduction 7
What are Environment-Driven Biotechnologies? 7
Factors Affecting Eco-balance 7
1. Time 8
2. Wastes 8
3. Energy Requirements 9
Conceptual Approach to Environment-Driven Biotechnology 9
1. Utilization of Energy sources on site 9
2. Utilization of Local Species 10
Relocation of Biotechnology Firms and Environment 11
References 13